Redeem Code Free Fire July 2020, There is a Free Weapon Skin

There is good news for fans of the battle royale game, Free Fire. Later, Garena decided to share the free kode redeem ff with the players. The redeem code can be exchanged for a variety of attractive prizes.

The player has the opportunity to get the weapon skin of Scar Phantom and Incubator Vouchers. To get the code, players are required to follow Garena Free Fire Indonesia’s official Instagram account @freefirebg.

When the Instagram account reached 4 million followers, Garena promised to announce the redeem code.

Uniquely, Garena said it would distribute redeem codes into various unique character pieces. Code snippets will be shared hidden in the posting of The Vengeance event.

Although it has reached 4 million followers, but until now Garena still hasn’t revealed the promised redeem code. As a result, many of the players guess the redeem code.

Apart from the official Free Fire event, players can also get various redeem codes by watching videos of Free Fire streamers.

Free Fire streamers are known to often distribute free redeem codes to their loyal subscribers. This effort seems to be done as a strategy to hook new subsciber.

One streamer who often shares free redeem codes is MFA Ferry Official. Through his personal YouTube channel, MFA Ferry Official shares four redeem codes that can be exchanged for Katana Kendoka. The code consists of:

– Code 1: PHFG-Q163-PQAZ

– Code 2: PEFF-IG45-TY04

– Code 3: AP9I-NCSE-812L

– Code 4: BOOY-A7QX-MPUI

In addition, the AlvinGunawan HD streamer also shared the redeem code on July 17th. Even though it contains random prizes, players have the chance to get the BUDI01 Gaming Permanent Bundle.

– Code 1: PLTX-2B8G-6VLA

– Code 2: GQ3H-7BAL-PQIJ

– Code 3: HB2J-K3C2-6V8H

– Code 4: WXL3-5CGH-0PIQ

– Code 5: 6VHG-9BDF-PDF3

How to Redeem Redeem Codes

The redeem code obtained through the Free Fire streamer or through the Garena event can be exchanged through the Garena FF Reward official website.

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